We can say that the quality that best defines the way WE do is customization.

We work in constant partnership with our customers to develop unique programs.


No matter the purpose of your trip, whether is to reward, celebrate, or encourage our company develops the best itinerary to fit your needs.

– Trips to gourmet destinations and wineries

– Trips to exotic destinations

– Visit artistic destinations (museums, shows, exhibitions etc.)

– Trips in special trains

– Trips to resorts

– Cruises around the world


If you wish to give your team or clients the opportunity of professional development through trade shows, conferences and field visits, a technical trip is a great choice. Be it in Brazil or around the world, we plan, organize and execute your trip carefully thinking in each simple detail so that it can be successful. In addition, we establish partnerships with Universities around the world to develop customized programs and provide further learning and knowledge to the participants. Before and during the trip, all the participants will receive the necessary support so that your guests may learn, develop, and have fun making your event unforgettable.


Corporate events encompass professional development, refresher courses, exchange of experiences and entertainment. Whatever the reason, WE care about each process in order to make an amazing event.

– Trade shows

– Conferences

– Workshops

– Lectures

– Product Launch Road shows

– Shows and entertainment events


Due to a global market increasingly competitive, professional development is a great way to achieve success. That is what prompted WE to create an international travel program specially developed for open membership groups with interest in the same subject. Classes at Universities, technical visits, trade shows, workshops, and conferences are some of the events that we organize to meet the marketing demands and needs of professionals. WOP. A different opportunity to invest in your carreer.


The quality that best defines the WE’s way is the customization. We work in a constant partnership with our clients to develop our programs, a tailored MICE solution for everyone.

We arrange dedicated schedules that include activities that enrich the professional, developmental, educational, and cultural experience of our clientele, analyzing all details to make it a singular event.

– Site Inspection prior to the trip

– Site Inspection of the venues, services and vendors

– Food and Beverage management

– Issuance of airline tickets

– Lodging

– Travel insurance

– Logistics

– Gifts

– Organization of workshops and lectures

– Events Registration

– Simultaneous interpretation

– Greeting services

– Customized Stationery