Wide Experience is a MICE company engaged

to transform any project into an experience. But you can call us WE.

WE is more than an acronym or a nickname. WE is our philosophy, we believe that only by working together with our clients it’s possible to deliver a superb experience to all involved.

Being WE is having dedication and commitment from the beginning to the end. It is more than achieving the goals of our clients, but surprising them. It is to acknowledge that each project is a personal experience for each individual. It is to make sure each experience will influence not only the education of our customers, but also the way they view the world.

It is to put passion into every action to deliver a more personalized service and help your dreams come true. It means planning and executing all processes, for each project, in partnership with our employees and customers. WE know that together WE can do much better.

Nice to meet you, WE are here for you.


WE CARE about you, your goal, and your people.

WE CARE about what we do and how we do it.

For every step that we take together, we shall chase a smiley reward, for memories to be etched forever.

WE aim to achieve success with integrity, dignity, and ethical value.

WE celebrate every exceptional accomplishment with passion and desire.

WE build in order to do better to overcome ourselves.

WE CARE about delivering a worthy and memorable experience for all involved.

That is why WE CARE about you. About us.