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The first International DYI Summit took place on April 13, 2016 during FEICON in São Paulo. It was organized by ANAMACO and MIXXER a brazilian retail consultancy​, with support from FEICON BATIMAT and executed by WE.

The purpose of the event was to bring together international renowned players in the bulding materials retail market, to present the trends and successful strategies from other countries in order to foster new ideas, promote changes and further process improvements for this market in Brazil.

The second International BMR meeting is scheduled to take place in April of 2017. It will also feature renowned international players of the market.
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The objective of this trip was to achieve the goal of the involving of the participants in a program of academic immersion. Therefore, WE established a partnership with Wharton University that adapted an already existing program in order to fulfill our needs. The University’s faculty, preserving the quality and the credibility of the initiative, taught the classes. In order to provide a deeper experience and more meaningful experience, the group members were lodged in the University’s accommodation. In addition to the Wharton classes, we also made technical visits to local retailers, which provided an exchange of knowledge and contributed to the success of the trip.


WE took 100 participants to visit the Ferrari plant in the city of Maranello. When they got there, they were surprised with an invitation to drive a Ferrari automobile. At the end of the visit, each participant received a DVD with the recording of their driving experience to take with them as a keepsake.

Furthermore, the group also participated in a trade show, did some technical visits to local retailers, which contributed to their professional improvement and increased their network.


The EuroShop is considered the World’s Leading Trade Fair, and it is one of the main references in the sector. Our challenge was to organize the simultaneous participation of three delegations. Two delegations consisted of partners and the third one was a support group – Open Program. During the 4 days of our trade show 200 participants took the opportunity to expand their knowledge and network. This experience was enriching, successful and very meaningful to us, client and WE.